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Trial by Jury 2010 - Cast List

Director - Penny Crichton-Seager

Musical Director - Jean Holt


The Learned Judge - Bruce Vyner

The Plaintiff, Angelina - Cherrill Ashford

The Defendant, Edwin - Pete Warbis

Counsel for the Plaintiff - Charlotte Deverill

Usher - Robin Lavies

Foreman of the Jury - Trevor Smith

Other Woman - Alice Keeping

Policeman - John Torrent


Tony Broomfield, Patrick D'Ardenne, Julian Dowdney, Bernard Gardener, Mike Griffiths, Richard Langley, Ian Metcalfe, Gill Linford, Trevor Smith, Brian Tuffrey, Neil Winkley.


Rosie Bowen, Wendy Costigan, Mo Lawton, Francesca Simpson.

Court Staff and Public

Pat Baker, Gillian Blake, Sue Breeze, Ruth Flower, Roz Golbey, Maureen Greenland, Thelma Heald, Vicki Lavies, Angela Osment, Kimberley Rowland, Pat Scott, Gillian Vincent, Hannah Watkins.