Affiliated to NODA The best of G&S in the South The Sorcerer 2008 Video Clips The following clips from the show can be viewed simply by clicking on the picture of the clip you want to see.  They are all clips that have been uploaded to YouTube, so should be available for viewing on smart phones and tablets as well as computers. Sorcerer Video1

The opening of Act 1 with everyone in party mood

“Ring Forth Ye Bells”

Sorcerer Video2

The Sorcerer introduces himself with style!

“My name is John Wellington Wells”

Sorcerer Video3

The closing of Act 1 sees everyone feeling the effects of the potion

“Oh Marvellous Illusion”

Sorcerer Video4

Everyone wakes up at the beginning of Act 2 and falls in love at once!

“Why! Where be I?”