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The Pirates of Penzance 2014

Cast List

Director - Claire Camble-Hutchins

Musical Director - Keziah Jacombs


Major-General Stanley - John Gerken

The Pirate King - Ian Metcalfe

Samuel - James Rosser

Frederic - Rossano Saltfleet

Sergeant of Police - Mark Everitt

Mabel - Roseanna Bowen

Edith - Eleanor Riley

Kate - Alice Keeping

Isabel - Beverley Beck

Ruth - Cherrill Ashford

General Stanley’s Daughters and Household

Linda Dry, Roz Golbey, Mary Hurst, Martha Jenkins, Amanda King,
Gill Linford, Amy McIntosh, Jantina Mulder, Kimberely Rowland,
Christine Skidmore, Sophie Wright.

Pirates and Policemen

Robert Ashford, Tony Broomfield, Mike Fuller, Mike Griffiths, Aaron Hayes, Roy Perrins, Alan Wilson, Neil Winkley.