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This page is designed to give anyone who is interested in possibly becoming a member of the Society some general information about the Society and what to expect.

We have a very good reputation for the quality of our productions in terms of both our singing and how we put the whole show on, so we do have auditions for new members just to make sure that anyone joining can sing in tune and move to music!  Don’t worry though, it’s not that bad - see below for some more details.

The subscription is £50 a year (much cheaper than most Societies!), but for full time students, we only charge £15 membership.  There is also a joining fee of £10.  We rehearse generally on Wednesday evening at the United Reformed Church hall in Ropley Road, Iford (click here for a map) and we are a very friendly Society who have lots of fun and are genuinely delighted to welcome new members.

We have something going on all year from concerts to main show to Christmas carols, but you only need be involved with those bits that you want to.  If you are taking part, then we do like at least a 75% attendance of all rehearsals.  We also have many social events too!

At the audition you can sing any song you like - it does not have to be one of the Gilbert & Sullivan numbers.  Choose something that you know and that will show the committee what you can do.  Bring the music along to the audition and our accompanist will play for you.  Everyone is nervous - we do understand and everyone listening to you has done an audition too!!

Our Music Director will then get you to do some scales and we may ask you to do some very simple movement to music - not difficult we promise!  At the end we will have a chat to you about yourself and to give you the chance to ask any questions you have.

Please do not worry that you have never sung much before or not done anything on stage.  What is far more important is for a new member to be enthusiastic and want to join - we can teach you stage craft etc, that is why we generally have professional directors to do the job!

Please contact our Secretary for more details.

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